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(Trang trọng)


(Trung lập/ Ít hoặc không trang trọng)

Accord Agreement


Phù hợp, đồng ý An accord => agreement between two countries
Acquire Obtain/ get (less formal) Thu được, đạt được Acquire / get reputation / obtain qualification
Address (v) Give attention to Chú tâm vào/ xử lý Address / give attention to a topic / an issue
Address (v) Speak to/ speak/talk about Phát biểu/Nói chuyện với Address / speak to the meeting/ crowd
Adjudicate Judge Phân xử/Xét xử Adjudicate/ judge a contest/ dispute
Administer Give Phân phát/ Quản lý, trông nom Administer/ give a drug/ medicine to a patient
Advantages and disadvantages Pros and cons (informal) Ưu điểm và nhược điểm Offer advantages and disadvantages/ pros and cons
Advocate (v) Support, encourage Tán thành, ủng hộ We do not advocate/ support/ encourage the use of questionnaires with young children
Aim Set out ( to do s.t) Nhằm/ tập trung vào In this paper, we aim/ set out to challenge some current assumptions.
Albeit Although Mặc dù The chairman accepted the job, albeit/ although there was some hesitation.
Appeal for / appeal to s.b for s.t Ask for Yêu cầu The police are appealing/ asking for any information the public can offer.
Attempt Try/ have a shot at (informal) Nỗ lực, cố gắng/ thử Attempt / try a hard task
Attire Clothes Trang phục She always wore rather old-fashioned attire/clothes.
Be accepted / be offered a place Get in (informal) Được chấp nhận / nhận vào I hope to get in / be accepted / be offered a place to study engineering.
Call on / upon Ask (somebody to do something) Nhờ (ai làm gì) Call on/upon / ask expertise
Catalogue (n) List Danh mục Publish a catalogue / list
Characteristic (Adj) Typical Đặc trưng Characteristic / typical trail
Compose Write Soạn, biên soạn Compose / write a poem/ letter/ symphony
Conduct Carry out, do (less formal) Tiến hành Conduct an experiment / research / a study
Conduct (n) Behavior Đạo đức, cách cư xử Such conduct/behavior is unacceptable.
Consist of Be made up of Bao gồm Consist of / be made up of wood and metal
Constitute Make up Cấu tạo, tạo thành Constitute /make up an achievement
Consult (v) Read, look at Tra cứu Consult / Read, look at a document/archive
Contest (v) Argue against, disagree with Tranh luận Contest/argue against/disagree with a judgment.
Convention Agreement Hiệp định, thỏa thuận No written convention/agreement existed until 1984.
Cordial Friendly Thân mật Cordial/friendly relations between governments
Correct Right Chính xác It took hours of calculations to arrive at the correct/ right answer.
Deliver Give Phát biểu/ Cung cấp Deliver/give a talk/lecture
Demonstrate Show Chứng minh Demonstrate /show competence to do s.t
Describe Set out Mô tả Describe / set out a strategic plan
Diminish Decrease, grow smaller Giảm thiểu, thu nhỏ The population has diminished/decreased / grown smaller.
Discuss Go into Thảo luận Discuss / go into a question
Dispose of Get rid of Vứt bỏ Dispose of / get rid of nuclear waste
Document (v) Record/ write about Ghi lại tài liệu Document /Record/ write about the occurrence
Dormitory Dorm Ký túc xá BrE = hall of residence
Dwelling House, flat, apartment Nơi cư ngụ There were originally 50 dwellings/houses/flats/ apartments on the site.
Endure Last Tồn tại,kéo dài /chịu đựng The dynasty endured/lasted/ for eight centuries.
Examination Exam (slight informal) Kỳ thi , khảo sát An entrance examination
Examine Take/have a look at (informal) Kiểm tra examine/take/have a look at your essay before submitting it
Exceed Be more, higher, greater than Vượt quá The cost of the project is reported to exceed / be more than 20 milion dollars
Exchange Swap (informal) Đổi The tube was exchanged/swapped for one of a larger caliber.
Final Last Sau cùng The final/ last warning
Hierarchy Pecking order Tôn ty trật tự, thứ bậc hierarchy/pecking order in an institution
Highlight Point up Nhấn mạnh,làm nổi bật The study highlight/ point up the problems of inner-city area.
Improper Wrong Không phù hợp/sai Improper/wrong procedure
In excess of Over, higher than Vượt quá The book sold in excess of/ over 20.000 copies.
In greater detail In more detail Chi tiết hơn The problems should be discuss in greater / more detail.
In respect of, with respect to With regard to, as far as X is concerned, as far as X goes (informal) Đối với In respect ofwith respect to/with regard to civil rights/ as far as civil rights is concerned/ as far as civil rights goes, all citizens are equal under the law.
In sum, in summary In short, to sum up, summing up Tóm lại, tóm tắt  
Inappropriate Unsuitable Không thích hợp Inappropriate/ unsuitable form of words
Incorrect Wrong Không chính xác The totals in column 3 are incorrect/wrong.
Incur Result in, experience Gánh, chịu To incur/ result in a huge burden of increasing the expenses for social welfare
Instigate Initiate, start something Xúi giục/ khởi xướng Instigate/ initiate/ start a quarrel
Instruct Direct, order Hướng dẫn Instruct/direct/order somebody to carry out a task
Investigate Look into (slightly informal) Điều tra Investigate / look into a problem
Laboratory Lab Phòng thí nghiệm  
Maintain Keep Duy trì Maintain one’s fitness/ keep fit
Make reference to Refer to Tham khảo Make reference/ refer to books and materials
Negotiations Talks Đàm phán Negotiations/ talks between governments
Nevertheless Having said that Tuy nhiên Their work has been fairly good. Nevertheless/ Having said that, I still think there’s room for improvement
Occasion Time Cơ hội,dịp It happened three times/ on three occasions
Occupation Job, profession Nghề nghiệp What is your occupation/ profession/ job?
Omit, not attend something Skip (informal) Bỏ qua, không tham dự một cái gì đó Do not attend/ Skip a lecture, omit/ skip a chapter
Pledge Promise Hứa, cam kết Pledge/ Promise a donation to
Pose Ask Đặt ra, đưa ra Pose/ ask a question
Postgraduate Postgrad (informal) Nghiên cứu sinh  
Present Put forward Trình bày/ đưa ra Present/ put forward an idea/ view/ theory, etc
Primary Main Chủ yếu Primary/ main cause
Recapitulate Recap Tổng hợp lại, tóm lại To recapitulate/ recap
Recently Lately Gần đây These animals have not been seen recently/ lately.
Representative Rep (informal) Đại diện She’s the student representative/ rep on the Departmental Committee.
Resign Quit (informal) Từ chức The President resigned/ quit in 1986.
Resolve Solve, end Giải quyết Resolve/ solve a problem, resolve/ end a conflict
Rest on Be based on Dựa trên The theory rests on/ is based on the asumption that…
Return Come back, go back, get back Quay trở lại Return/ come back home
Revise Look back over, go over Xem lại, duyệt lại Revise/ look back over the task
Sanction (v) Permit Chấp nhận, tán thành The government cannot sanction law breaking.
Secure (v) Obtain, get , gain (informal) Đạt được, có được Secure/ get/ gain one’s ends


Sole(ly) Only Duy nhất The sole/ only representative for …
Somewhat Slightly, a little, a bit (informal) Phần nào, một chút It is somewhat/ a little dificult.
Speak of Talk of, talk about (less formal) Nói về We will speak of/ talk about that point later
Spouse Husband, wife Vợ hoặc chồng The President’s spouse/ husband/ wife attended the ceremony.
Substantial Large, big Đáng kể substantial number/ amount
Treat Deal with Xem xét/ xử lý This issue was not treated/ dealt with fully in his earlier work.
Undergraduate Undergrad (informal) Sinh viên chưa tốt nghiệp The undergrads/undergraduates mostly live in halls of residence.
Undertaking (n) Promise Sự cam kết, đảm nhận An official undertaking/ promise to do something
Utilize Use something effectively Tận dụng Utilize a resource/ method
Virtually Almost, more or less Hầu như It is virtually/ almost impossible to …
Write of Write about Viết về..  
It is not possible / not correct that… There’s no way that … (less formal) Không thể nào mà … It is not possible/ there’s absolutely no way that one can retrieve his fortunes in such a short time.
Your faithfully Yours sincerely, best wishes (less formal), best (informal) Chân thành (Way of ending a letter or email)

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