Bí quyết luyện thi IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 1: Xem tại đây

Bí quyết luyện thi IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 2: Xem tại đây

Bí quyết luyện thi  IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 3: Xem tại đây



Hard-working                         studious/diligent/ industrious               chăm chỉ

Ex: I have never seen such a diligent guy like him.

Intelligent                                brainy (infml,native)              sáng dạ

Ex: She is the brainiest girl in our class.

Attractive                                appealing / tempting              hấp dẫn

Ex: I found Brad Pitt greatly appealing.

Hang out with                         socialize / interact with          xã giao / giao tiếp với…

Ex: dancing is a way of socializing with different people.

Do…without being told         self-starter                              người tự giác

Ex: Self-starters tend to achieve success more easily.

Cover a variety of ground       well-rounded                          toàn diện

Ex: The essence of education is to provide well-rounded knowledge.

Confidence                             self-belief                                sự tự tin

Ex: I want to see a bit more self-belief from you.

Close friend                            intimate companion               bạn thân

Ex: As an intimate companion, she told me everything about her family.

Toughness                               strong-mindedness                sự quyết tâm/tính bền bỉ

Ex: I really admire his strong-mindedness.

Work hard on                          apply oneself to                      chú tâm vào

Ex: We can all make a success provided that we apply ourselves to what we’re doing.

Practical                                  be down-to-earth                   thực tế

Ex: We need to be down-to-earth to start it over.

Encourage                               inspire / motivate                   khuyến khích, khích lệ

Ex: A leader should be able to inspire his subordinates.

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