Bí quyết luyện thi IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 1: Xem tại đây

Bí quyết luyện thi IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 2: Xem tại đây

Bí quyết luyện thi  IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 3: Xem tại đây

Chase after fashion                 fashion-conscious                  ưa chuộng thời trang

Ex: This magazine is attractive to fashion-conscious youth.

Crazy about shopping             shopaholic                              người nghiện mua sắm

Ex: Can you believe that Librans were born to be shopaholics?

Can’t help buying something       compulsive shopper         người nghiện mua sắm

Ex: As a compulsive shopper, I’ve decided to reduce my shopping frequency.

Use every penny wisely          bargain shopper                    người hay mặc cả

Ex: This is a perfect place for bargain shoppers.

Limited pocket money            tight budget                            túi tiền eo hẹp

Ex: I couldn’t go shopping frequently due to my tight budget.

Shopping mall                         commercial complex              trung tâm mua sắm,                                                                                                                                              

Ex: At weekends, I usually spend my whole day in this commercial complex

Expensive                                pricy / pricey                          đắt tiền

Ex: Things in this shop are less pricy.

Convenient                              hardy/portable                       tiện lợi, có thể mang theo

Ex: You can take this hardy gadget anywhere you go.

Facebook/Twitter                    SNS (Social Networking Site) mạng xã hội

Ex: SNS is now a necessity for almost every adolescent.

Delivery service                      door-to-door service              dịch vụ giao hàng

Ex: They provide door-to-door service.

Real goods                              genuine and authentic goods            hàng thật

Ex: This online shop is trustworthy because it sells genuine and authentic goods.

Price goes up / down               appreciate / depreciate          tăng giá / mất giá

Ex: Some people buy goods with the belief that it might appreciate.                     

Internet                                   cyber                                       thuộc thế giới ảo

Ex: Cyber crime is becoming increasingly serious these days.

Cheating                                  fraudulent / deceitful            lừa lọc, dối trá

Ex: Shoppers should beware of fraudulent advertising.

Delicious                                 tasty/flavourful/appetizing/savoury         ngon, thơm ngon

Ex: This place is a paradise with loads of tasty food.

Food                                        dish                                         món ăn

Ex: They serve special dishes in this restaurant.

Delicious food                        cuisine                                     ẩm thực

Ex: I am a big fan of Italian / French / Japanese cuisine.

Healthy food                           nutritious                                tốt cho sức khỏe; bổ dưỡng

Ex: Sushi is pretty nutritious with the combination of vegetables and seafood.

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