Bí quyết luyện thi IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 1: Xem tại đây

Bí quyết luyện thi IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 2: Xem tại đây

Bí quyết luyện thi  IELTS SPEAKING Band 8.0+ – Vòng thi Nói 3: Xem tại đây

Health                                     fitness                                     sức khỏe

Ex: Swimming is good for my physical and mental fitness.

Do actions                               do exercise                             vận động

Ex: We need to do some exercise after a hard-working day.

Be at home                              be stuck at home                    ru rú ở nhà

Ex: I used to be stuck at home all day long.

Rest                                         do / promote relaxation         nghỉ ngơi, thư giãn

Ex: You can do/promote relaxation by walking along the beach.

Refreshed                                revitalized                               tỉnh táo; hồi phục sức lực

Ex: After walking around in such a peaceful place, I feel revitalized.

Good at sport                          athletic                                    giỏi thể thao

Ex: Sam is very athletic at track and field.

Endurance                               stamina                                   sức bền

Ex: Long-distance race training helps foster my stamina.

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